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Frequently asked questions


I am unsure of when my appointment is, what do I do?

Please ring up and ask the receptionist who will be able to assist you.


Unable to make an appointment

Please ring up and inform us and re-book an appointment which you cannot make.

Moved address or changed your number?

Please update your personal information by emailing 


What do I do if I missed an appointment?

Please ring up and make a new appointment but do take into account there may not be an available appointment soon lengthening you treatment time. Also important to remember if you miss 2 appointments through the whole of your treatment you will be discharged and no longer able to continue.


Change of number, address or dentist?

This is important information for us, please telephone and tell us or when your next appointment is inform the front desk.


My brace has broken, what do I do?

Depending on the scale on which you have broken your brace. If just a bracket has broken off and is not causing you any discomfort this will be fine to leave until your next visit. If you are in any pain or unsure if it needs to be treated ring us.

How long do I wear my retainers for?

Every night for the first 12 months then if you want to reduce the number of nights this is your choice. However you are at risk of your teeth moving forwards and ruining your straighten teeth. The longer you wear the retainers the longer your teeth will remain straight.

What should I do if I lose my retainers?

If you lose your retainers make sure you have a good look for them. If you still cannot find them, book an appointment with us as soon as possible to get new retainers made. There is a cost for the making of these retainers.

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