Oral Hygiene 




The importance of keeping your brace spotless CANNOT be overstated. If your brace is a FIXED one, the bands and brackets make cleaning much more difficult, but with time and a bit of effort you can manage to get everything clean and hygienic.


The special brushes are not, by themselves, the solution to the tooth brushing and cleaning problems. You will have to spend MORE time and MORE effort in getting the small interdental toothbrush head into all the nooks and corners of the fixed brace. Particular care and attention should be paid to the brackets, especially around the base of the block where the tooth and metal meet. If you do not clean this area decay will damage and stain your teeth. Disclosing tablets will highlight where there is plaque and where you need to concentrate more on when brushing.


The INTERDENTAL brushes and other toothbrushes can be bought at reception, too.


REMOVABLE braces should be removed for cleaning. Normal toothpaste and toothbrushes should be used to scrub the plastic and wire parts to remove any debris. Care should be taken not to drop the braces and to hold the brace by the plastic part and not the wire as this could damage it.


You should routinely check that the brace is not broken or distorted. If any problems occur please call the surgery.


If you are having problems keeping your brace clean you should tell us. We can give you advice or suggest additional and different ways of helping.


Feel free to use any toothbrush, toothpaste and any mouth wash commercially available, as well as any products mentioned here.


The only person who can stop the damage is YOU!!