New patient




Now that you have had the brace fitted to your teeth there are a few important points to remember. These notes are for you and your parents to read.


The fixed brace (train tracks) is made up of BRACKETS (blocks) glued onto the front surfaces of your teeth. The big teeth at the back have BANDS around them, these are also glued on. The wire then passes between the brackets and is held on with tiny elastics called MODULES. These come in lots of different colours but also come in clear and tooth-coloured. The wires are adjusted and changed each time we see you, so you can choose different colours for your brace each time.


Your brace must be kept spotlessly clean and undamaged. When brackets or bands become unglued this can seriously delay your treatment. It is easy to damage the brace but a few simple rules, if followed, will minimise these kinds of problems.


Foods like crusty bread, apples, pizzas and food that is dragged across the teeth will have to be cut into smaller pieces and chewed on the back teeth. The sheering action will break the brackets off. Initially you may find that because the teeth are more sensitive than normal a soft diet will be easier to accept. A VERY important point to remember is NOT to drink fizzy or acidic drinks at all; these will damage and discolour the teeth and when the brace is taken off you will be left with marks.


You may find that the teeth will feel a little uncomfortable but this will settle in a few days and can be managed by use of over-the-counter painkillers. You must ensure that you NEVER take more than the recommended dose. It is always good practice to have some painkillers in the house on the first few days after the fitting of the brace as the problems usually occur in the evenings after the shops have shut!


We recommend that you purchase a STARTER PACK from reception, which contains all you need for looking after your brace. Including the brace relief wax which protects the cheeks and lips from being irritated by the brackets, therefore preventing ulcers.

Price list:

  • Starter pack - £12.00.

  • Relief wax - £1.00.

  • Toothbrush - £3.00.

  • Interdental brushes - £3.00.

  • Fluoride mouthwash - £5.00.


Cleaning the brace is vitally important. It will take a lot of time and discipline to get used to cleaning around the brackets etc but extra care will guarantee the final outcome of not only straight but also healthy looking teeth. Please ensure that you spend at least 5 minutes in the morning and last thing at night carefully cleaning your brace.  If your oral hygiene is not of an adequate standard, the teeth will become damaged and we will need to remove the brace.


Please be careful if you use an electric toothbrush as the vibrations can cause the brackets to break off.


We advise you that if more than one bracket or band comes loose to call the surgery to arrange a repair appointment. Unfortunately the NHS will only provide a single course of treatment, and therefore we are limited as to how many repairs we can make before we are forced to remove the brace and discontinue the treatment.